Useful Info
Useful Info


The Image Gallery is designed primarily for use by tourism trade and media for the purpose of promoting tourism to Australia. If you wish to have full access to all images you must complete the Registration form on the Home page. Your details will be forwarded to the Administrator to be assessed. If your application is successful you will be emailed a username and password to access the Gallery website. Please allow up to three business days (usually less) for the processing of your registration.

Home Page

Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the Home page.

All Images, All Footage and Entire Collection buttons:
These buttons allow you to search just still imagery, just moving imagery, or the entire Gallery collection.

New Shoots & Campaigns, Footage, Special Interest sections:
These sections are updated regularly and feature collections relating to new shoots and campaigns, footage, and areas of special interest such as niche markets, activities, and regions.

Search Page

A Lightbox is like a personal favourites folder and allows you to manage your items before you decide to order. They are stored on your Image Gallery registration permanently (unless you delete them) and are very handy for research and project management.

You can organise your images into groups and create a new Lightbox for each group. To create a Lightbox, go to the Lightbox dropdown menu, type in the Lightbox name and click OK. Repeat this process to create additional Lightboxes.

To add images to your Lightbox, select the Lightbox you wish to use, go to the Search page and type in your search terms. Select the image and click on the Lightbox icon below the thumbnail (the * symbol). Repeat this process to add additional images. Go to the Lightbox and your image/s will be displayed. You can also copy images from one Lightbox to another by selecting which images you wish to copy (using the checkboxes) and then selecting Copy Selected to Lightbox and choosing a Lightbox from the dropdown menu.

The Lightbox can be emailed to other people for information, discussion or review. The recipients will not need a username and password to open the Lightbox. To email a Lightbox use the black sidebar, select the Lightbox you wish to email and click Email Lightbox. You then enter the recipient’s email address. You can email the Lightbox to multiple people by separating each email address with a space (do not use punctuation). The recipients of the Lightbox can only view these images, as they are not large enough resolution to use for anything. If the recipient is a registered user of the Image Gallery website, the Lightbox will also display in their dropdown list of Lightboxes with the word (emailed) in brackets after the Lightbox name.

To order images in your Lightbox, you can select some or all images and then click With Selected Items - Copy to Basket. Then go to the Basket and Proceed to Order.

As you choose the items you want to order, place each item into your Basket. You can do this at Search Results (click on the basket icon) or from the item Information screen.

Your basket shows all the items you have selected. You can remove an item from your basket at any time. Please note that your Basket is limited to 20 items per order so if you have more than 20 items, you may have to submit multiple orders. Once you are ready to order the items in your basket, click the Proceed to Order link at the bottom of the page if you are on the Basket page or in the Basket section of the black side bar.

To proceed with your order ensure you have completed all Project details and have acknowledged that you accept the term and conditions by scrolling through the window and checking the box, then click OK. If any information is missing, you will be prompted to complete the missing details. Please review all your order details and take note of the order number for future reference.

If orders require assessment by the Administrator you will receive an email informing you of the outcome. Some items are approved automatically. Tourism Australia endeavours to process all requests within one business day, however please allow up to three business days before contacting us. Journalists on deadline may contact the Image Gallery for urgent processing only.

Once you have received your notification email, please go to your Orders page to download your selection. Where payment is required you will need to pay for your order prior to download using the online credit card payment facility. If you require a Tax Invoice/Receipt, please print this page.

Click on the order number and follow the prompts to download your order. Items will be available for download for 14 days. The Orders page also records any orders that you have made but are yet to be approved or paid if applicable, as well as keeping a history of previous orders.


Please go to Tourism Australia's Video Gallery website to access footage. Please note that this is a separate website to the Image Gallery and you will need to register to access.

Follow the steps below if you would like to use the TA Brandmark:
  1. Go to the Mini Collection box on the Search page
  2. Choose the Category: Logos & Branding
  3. Choose the Mini Collection: TA Logo & Brandmark Guidelines
  4. Add the TA Brandmark to your Basket
  5. Click Proceed to Order
  6. Outline your proposed use of the TA Brandmark as well as reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions prior to submitting your order
  7. Your order will then be sent to the relevant TA representative for approval
  8. Download the low-resolution watermarked positional logo for temporary use in your artwork
  9. Send a PDF of your artwork containing the positional logo to for approval
  10. Once approved, a high-resolution version of the logo will be returned to you to finish your artwork ready for production

Image Sizes

Image size can be selected by choosing from the drop-down menu underneath each image in your order prior to submission. This includes the option to select a High Resolution Drum Scan.

Images are available for download in the following formats:

Size Resolution Format Mode
A4 - 21 x 30 cm 300dpi JPEG RGB
A5 - 15 x 21 cm 300dpi JPEG RGB
A5 - 15 x 21 cm 300dpi JPEG RGB
Low res for web usage 72dpi JPEG RGB

Larger files are available upon request and can be created according to user specifications. Production costs will apply.

Tourism Australia holds the original transparency for most images on the Image Gallery. High-resolution drum scans are available to download once processed provided Tourism Australia has possession of the original transparency. If there is a problem obtaining the slide you selected for scanning you will be notified as soon as possible so that you may make an alternate selection.


GST for Australian buyers is 10% and must be added onto price. All standard Tourism Australia Terms & Conditions apply. Price listed is per image.

Photography These costs will apply for non-tourism commercial usage:

  Download - Low Res for PowerPoint/Web/Mock-ups 72dpi $ 10
  Download - Small high res A6 300dpi RGB $ 250
  Download - Medium high res A5 300dpi RGB $ 300
  Download - Large high res A4 300dpi RGB $ 350

High-resolution drum scans
(Please allow 3-4 business days for your drum scan order to be processed)
These costs will apply to all users:

  Delivery - High res drum scan A5 at 300dpi $ 30
  Delivery - High res drum scan A4 at 300dpi $ 40
  Delivery - High res drum scan A3 at 300dpi $ 80
  Delivery - High res drum scan A2 at 300dpi $ 150

Forgotten password?
Click on the Password Reminder link underneath the OK button in the Log In section of the sidebar where you would normally enter in your username and password. Fill in the email address you provided on registering and your details will be promptly emailed to you.

Updating your details
You can change your password and personal details by selecting Edit User Details in User Info section of the sidebar underneath where it says, "You are logged in as…"

Expired orders
Once approved your order remains on the Image Gallery server for you to download for a period of 14 days. If you do not download your order in this time your will receive an Order Expired message. Please contact the Image Gallery to reinstate your order if you wish to download your images after the expiry period.

Cookies are small amounts of information stored on your computer by Internet sites you visit. You must choose to accept the cookie when prompted, in order to log in to this site. Please log in to the site again after changing the cookie setting.

How to setup cookies for MS Internet Explorer™

  1. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced
  2. Choose "Override automatic cookie handling"
  3. Choose "Prompt" for First-party Cookies
  4. Choose "Prompt" for Third-party Cookies
This setting will allow you either to accept or reject the cookies.

How to download a digital image file
You will require special software to view the downloaded files.

The materials available to download have been converted to a digital file. In order to minimise the time it would take to download a large digital file, the images have been compressed to a JPEG format.

If you are having problems downloading, please check with your administrator to see if there are download restrictions in place with your network or ISP before contacting Technical Help

Using Zip, a public domain software product that uses non-lossy compression, the images are compressed so that they can be downloaded directly to your desktop in less time.

You will require software to unzip (expand) the images you have downloaded from the site. Using WinZip™ or StuffIt Expander™ you can expand the file back to its original file size. If you don't have WinZip or StuffIt Expander™ you can download the software from the Internet for free.

Click here to download WinZip™ for Windows™.
Click here to download StuffIt Expander™

How to expand a compressed file using WinZip:

  1. Click the 'Download image' button
  2. When the dialog box appears select "SAVE" - DO NOT select "open"
  3. Locate the file on your hard drive and double click it.
  4. A WinZip window will appear. Click 'I agree'
  5. Highlight (one click only) the image file and select 'Extract' from the top menu bar
  6. Select the location to store the image and click the 'Extract' button
  7. The expanded file will be saved to the specified location

How to expand a compressed file using StuffIt Expander™:

  1. Click the 'Download image' button
  2. Save the file to your hard drive
  3. Launch StuffIt Expander™
  4. Select 'Expand' from the menu bar
  5. Select the .zip file and click 'Open'
  6. The .zip file will convert to an expanded file that you can double click to open or simply drag and drop the .zip file onto the StuffIt Expander™ icon to expand it.

If you have difficulty downloading files, your Internet connection may be busy. Please try again within [48] hours from your orders page.

Latest browsers
Some areas of this site may not display correctly on older versions of your browser. You can get the latest version of popular browsers here:

Click here to download Microsoft Internet Explorer
Click here to download Firefox

For all technical enquiries please email:

If your printer clips the side of the page when printing from this site (e.g. Lightboxes) try one of the following:

  • In Page Set Up, set margins to zero or the smallest size allowed
  • In Page Set Up, choose landscape instead of portrait
  • In Page Set Up, choose "shrink to fit" if that option is available

If the above techniques do not help:

  • Copy the web page (Control-A then Control-C) and paste it (Control-V) into Outlook or Outlook Express, Save the email and Print the email.

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